Experience the Historic Newburgh Beer and Wine Festival!

Are you ready for a day filled with beer, wine, music, and the Kentucky Derby? Look no further than the upcoming Historic Newburgh Beer and Wine Festival! On Saturday, May 4th, 2024, you can indulge in a wide variety of beer and wine while enjoying live music and watching the thrilling Kentucky Derby on a large outdoor screen.

Located at the picturesque Old Lock and Dam Park, this all-day celebration promises to be a fantastic event for both residents and visitors of downtown Newburgh. Not only will you have the opportunity to sample local wines and beers, but you’ll also be treated to stunning views of the river as you socialize with friends. And don’t worry about missing a moment of the Kentucky Derby action – it will be broadcasted live for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the delicious drinks and exciting race, the festival will feature live music throughout the day, a Derby-themed raffle contest, and a best-dressed contest that pays homage to the classic Derby attire. And let’s not forget about the food trucks offering a wide selection of tasty treats to keep you fueled throughout the event.

By attending the Historic Newburgh Beer and Wine Festival, not only will you have a fantastic time, but you’ll also be supporting a worthy cause. All proceeds from the event directly benefit Historic Newburgh, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the character and growth of downtown Newburgh.

If you’re interested in getting involved, Historic Newburgh, Inc. is currently seeking sponsors, volunteers, wineries, breweries, and musicians to contribute to the success of the festival. So don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience great drinks, live music, and the excitement of the Kentucky Derby. Secure your tickets today and get ready for a day filled with sipping, sampling, and socializing in historic Newburgh!

FAQ Section

What is the Historic Newburgh Beer and Wine Festival?
The Historic Newburgh Beer and Wine Festival is an annual event that offers a wide selection of beer and wine, live music, and a screening of the Kentucky Derby. It takes place at Old Lock and Dam Park in downtown Newburgh.

When does the festival take place?
The festival will be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

What can attendees expect at the festival?
Attendees can expect to indulge in a variety of beer and wine, enjoy live music performances throughout the day, participate in a Derby-themed contest, and explore food trucks offering delicious treats.

Where is the festival located?
The festival takes place at the picturesque Old Lock and Dam Park in downtown Newburgh.

Will the Kentucky Derby be shown at the festival?
Yes, the Kentucky Derby will be broadcasted live on a large outdoor screen for everyone to enjoy.

What is the purpose of the festival?
Aside from providing a fun-filled day for attendees, the festival also aims to support Historic Newburgh, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and preservation of downtown Newburgh.


1. Kentucky Derby – An annual horse racing event that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. It is considered one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.
2. Old Lock and Dam Park – A picturesque park located in downtown Newburgh, known for its scenic views of the river and historical significance.
3. Historic Newburgh, Inc. – A non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and maintenance of downtown Newburgh’s character and growth.

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