Experience the Charm of Salisbury: Wine About Winter Unveils Downtown Gems

Salisbury, a hidden gem, attracted wine enthusiasts, curious newcomers, and potential patrons to its annual Wine About Winter event. For recently relocated couple Cole McCallister and Sophie Czarnecki, the evening was a delightful experience, allowing them to dive into the heart of downtown while having a great time.

Discovering Salisbury’s vibrant downtown scene was a pleasant surprise for McCallister, who admitted underestimating the number of unique shops in the area. He shared, “I was very impressed and thought it was a great way to get us into some shops and check out some places we might not have found either via Google or even word of mouth.” Sophie even found a few clothing stores that she excitedly returned to, picking up some trendy merchandise.

Wine About Winter unfolded with visitors checking in at the Paul E. Fisher Gateway Building, where they received a map highlighting all participating stores and a bag of tokens. Each store offered distinct one-ounce pours of various wine options. McCallister expressed his appreciation for the innovative and cool map, underscoring the multitude of businesses that came together to make the event a success.

As a seasoned professional in the food and beverage industry, McCallister knew exactly what he was looking for. He revealed, “There was a South African pinotage offered from a man, I believe his name was Clyde. That was probably my favorite.” Clyde is the proprietor of Off Main Gallery on East Council Street. This particular pinotage delighted McCallister with its dry yet robust profile, characterized by bold, earthy, and woodsy flavors.

Despite the incredible array of wines and storefronts, McCallister highlighted the potential for a more user-friendly experience. He suggested the inclusion of a QR code that could provide an interactive map and a list of wines, making navigation seamless, especially after indulging in a few glasses.

Reflecting on their experience, McCallister expressed his enthusiasm for returning next year, as there is still so much to discover in Salisbury. He added, “I would definitely do it again. Just the value that you get from the wine alone is a pretty solid value. Wine About Winter is a great way to explore and uncover the hidden treasures of Salisbury.”

Salisbury’s Wine About Winter event not only allows participants to savor exquisite wines but also unveils the charm and diversity of downtown. With its collection of eclectic shops and warm community spirit, Salisbury proves to be a destination worth exploring time and time again.

FAQ Section:

Q: What is Wine About Winter?
A: Wine About Winter is an annual event in Salisbury that allows participants to sample various wines while exploring the downtown area.

Q: What is the Paul E. Fisher Gateway Building?
A: The Paul E. Fisher Gateway Building is where participants check in for the Wine About Winter event. They receive a map of participating stores and tokens for wine tastings.

Q: Who is Clyde?
A: Clyde is the proprietor of Off Main Gallery on East Council Street. He offered a South African pinotage wine at the event.

Q: What was the favorite wine of Cole McCallister?
A: Cole McCallister’s favorite wine at the event was a South African pinotage offered by Clyde.

Q: What suggestion did McCallister make for the event?
A: McCallister suggested that the event could include a QR code that provides an interactive map and a list of wines for easier navigation.


– Pinotage: A red wine grape variety originating in South Africa, characterized by bold, earthy, and woodsy flavors.

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