Paper Moon Vineyards: A Family’s Passion for Wine

Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery, located at 2008 State Road in Vermilion, is a year-round destination for wine enthusiasts and entertainment seekers. The winery, founded 15 years ago by the Cawrse family, is a testament to their love for wine-making and their desire to share their passion with others.

Adam Cawrse, the winemaker, explains that opening a commercial winery was initially seen as a fun challenge for the family. Little did they know the amount of work that goes into owning and operating a winery beyond just making and enjoying wine. However, despite the challenges, owning the winery has been a rewarding experience for the Cawrse family.

The winery’s busiest production season begins in October, when the grapes ripen and the tanks fill up. Bottling can start as early as the new year, stretching into the spring and summer months, depending on the aging process of each specific wine. This allows the team to focus on serving customers during the summer, ensuring a pleasant and vibrant experience.

While the winery offers a wide variety of wines, from dry to sweet, and white to red, they also provide guests with a range of Ohio craft beers and other local products. A highlight of their offerings is Paper Moon’s homemade cider, made from locally-grown apples. Guests have the opportunity to sample various options and find a wine that truly satisfies their palate.

Beyond wine and dining, Paper Moon Vineyards encompasses an outdoor lawn that hosts numerous events during the warmer months. Live bands frequently take the stage, reflecting the family’s love for music. In fact, the name “Paper Moon” was inspired by the popular song, “It’s Only a Paper Moon.” Music has become an integral part of the winery, providing a soothing and enjoyable ambiance for visitors.

The winery also serves as a venue for private events, including Whet Your Palette painting parties, bridal showers, and even unique occasions like the upcoming April 8 solar eclipse event. By collaborating with local businesses and supporting local talents, the winery fosters a sense of community and togetherness.

For more information about Paper Moon Vineyards, including hours of operation, visitors can visit their website at or contact them at 440-967-2500.


1. Where is Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery located?
Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery is located at 2008 State Road in Vermilion.

2. Who founded Paper Moon Vineyards and Winery?
The winery was founded 15 years ago by the Cawrse family.

3. What kind of wines does Paper Moon Vineyards offer?
Paper Moon Vineyards offers a wide variety of wines, including both dry and sweet, as well as white and red wines.

4. What other products can guests find at Paper Moon Vineyards?
In addition to wines, guests can also enjoy Ohio craft beers and other local products. The winery also makes homemade cider from locally-grown apples.

5. Does Paper Moon Vineyards host events?
Yes, Paper Moon Vineyards hosts events on their outdoor lawn during the warmer months. They frequently have live bands performing and also serve as a venue for private events like painting parties, bridal showers, and other unique occasions.


– Winemaker: A person who is responsible for making wine, which involves the process of fermenting grapes and turning them into wine.
– Aging process: The time that wine spends in barrels or bottles for it to develop flavors and characteristics.
– Palate: The sense of taste, specifically referring to the range of taste sensations a person can experience.

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